This website and blog is to serve two purposes.

The first -primarily through the blog – is to network and share ideas about HR with other practitioners or those interested in what makes an employee experience in their work rewarding and valued.

The second is to introduce HKCoach – a Sydney based Australian HR consultancy which aims to support businesses in developing and maintaining effective HR strategy.

All blog visitors are welcome – you don’t need to want to pursue the consultancy end of this site to come here. I hope over time to share my thoughts and learn from the others that visit about all things HR.  I haven’t spent around 30 years in HR without having a genuine interest in the subject matter, or an equally genuine interest in wanting to learn and grow through the wisdom of others in the field.

But if you are here because of HKCoach, below is a bit about the consultancy and about me that might help you decide if the consultancy is right for you.

What is HKCoach?

HKCoach is a boutique HR consultancy based in Sydney, Australia. It supports clients across a range of HR and Organisational Development (OD) strategic areas. These include:

  • strategic human capital management,
  • organisational culture and engagement,
  • performance and recognition,
  • talent management,
  • leadership development,
  • organisational/role design,
  • HR business process design, and
  • workforce planning.

HKCoach provides a flexible range of consultancy support from end to end development and implementation of HR initiatives, training or tools/processes design through to mentoring and coaching HR staff/teams to develop their HR and OD strategic skills, knowledge and capability.

Examples of where HKCoach has provided bespoke/designed HR support include developing Values/Behaviours Consultation Workshops, developing and providing Complex Systems Thinking training and mentoring and coaching HR team members in workforce planning.

Please note HKCoach does not provide support in the areas of employment law, contracts development/management, work health and safety, compliance policy, individual case management or mediation.

The HKCoach Philosophy

The HKCoach philosophy is built on three key tenets:

  1. Understanding business context
  2. Understanding the true scope of requirements
  3. Providing the required support in an economical and efficient manner with an emphasis on building sustainable solutions and internal HR capability and knowledge

In other words:

‘All businesses are the same and all businesses are different.’

From three decades working in HR across a wide range of organisations – covering an even wider range of workforce types – the above apparently counter-intuitive truism has proven accurate.

HR will have some similar requirements and imperatives across every organisation with the only key differences being in complexity, size and scope.

But every business – even within the same industry groups – is also unique, different.  Areas such as business size/growth status, desired culture, HR maturity, business philosophy and values, workforce profiles and a myriad of other characteristics also set every business apart.

Finding the practical, business centric approach for any business recognises both these things: what is common and what is unique.

There is no such thing as a one size fits all HR intervention.  There is also no such thing as a one size fits all ‘best practice’. While all HR practitioners ‘stand on the shoulders of giants’ and learn from the rich history of the profession, context is key.

Context is what makes HR practical.  It is also what makes it strategic.

‘Understanding is everything’

HKCoach works with a client to understand that context and apply the best HR to meet its particular needs. We provide what you need, in a practical manner that you can use, and not anything you don’t need or can’t use.

‘Building a sustainable, evolving HR framework’.

HKCoach provides you with access to the background and support of an experienced former Head of HR. She will approach your requirements with an eye to efficiency and economy as though she was your own internal resource, running your own HR service.

It’s all about value for money.

HKCoach won’t just fly in, drop a pre-ordained/pre-designed approach in your laps, then leave you to try to figure out how to use it.  The philosophy is about co-creation and building a client’s HR capacity for the long term, and in the most practical, business centric and efficient manner possible.

Who Is HKCoach?

profile pic

The Principal of HKCoach is Helen Kidston, a seasoned, senior executive level HR and OD practitioner. Helen has deep and extensive experience from a wide variety of organisations. She has detailed knowledge across all aspects of strategic HR, workforce planning and design and talent management/organisational development. She can build you strategic HR and OD frameworks and interventions from the ground up, or work with your own HR people to develop their strategic knowledge and capability.

HKCoach/Helen is based in Sydney Australia but is available to support clients across the country and travel if/as required to do so.

Feel free to contact Helen at helenkidston@bigpond.com  to arrange a discussion on your HR needs.


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